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Knowledge, training and continued learning have shown to be highly important in increasing security standards, However, for SMEs, the cost and quality of the training materials have been varied and unachievable for most.

We understand the pressures placed on smaller businesses and in order to affect behaviours, we need to be able to provide the necessary tools and knowledge. This is why we worked with academia and industry to develop training courses which align fully with our rating scheme and provides the necessary awareness and knowledge to meet today's information security needs.

CyberSure Accredited Training (CS-AT) is the way to be assured that any training materials have been certified against Best Practice. In addition, these materials can only be delivered by Approved Training Partners (ATP) to ensure SMEs get the best experience possible; whether it is during your own time online or across the country in a classroom setting.


It is expected that there will be 25 billion+ IoT devices by 2030. This explosive growth of connected IoT devices enables the world’s digitization, but also dramatically increases the amount of security threats.


Therefore, it is important that we support the right levels of assurance but also provide accredited linked with our CyberSure IoT Security & Privacy Certification (CS-IoTSP). The training helps users understand the risk mitigation strategies for common security threats in IoT systems whilst ensuring privacy compliance is maintained.

Modules for CS-IoTSP training include:

  • Understanding the IoT Ecosystem

  • IoT Security Policies

  • Secure IoT System Engineering Principles

  • Security of IoT Systems in Support of Safety

  • Security in Connecting Varied IoT Devices

  • Monitoring and Logging

  • Secure Settings and Configurations

  • Security Measures in the IoT Device Lifecycle

  • IoT Privacy by Default

  • Management of IoT Privacy Controls

  • IoT Incident Management

  • Vulnerability and Verification Testing






CS-AT Modules can only be delivered by Accredited Training Partners (ATP) with our aim to deliver up to 50 certified partnerships across the country. If you already provide information security services or are an active training provider, then you are qualified to apply to become an ATP. This will help provide additional benefits to your customers, as well as open up new opportunities around the CyberSure Rating Scheme and Assurance Framework.

These modules allow for ATPs to brand the approved training packages with their logos as we provide the content across multiple fields - all aimed at SMEs. Where possible, we ensure our training is aligned to existing security standards such as Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 as our objectives include helping drive standards within SMEs, including how many progress into recognised security standards and certifications. Our training content portfolio is growing and currently includes:

  • CS-AT Module 1 – Information Security Fundamentals

  • CS-AT Module 2 – Securing Your Business (Cyber Essentials)

  • CS-AT Module 3 – Information Security Auditing (Cyber Essentials & ISO 27001)

  • CS-AT Module 4 – GDPR Foundation and Implementation

  • CS-AT Module 5 – Incident Response Planning & Management (ISO 27035)

  • CS-AT Module 6 – Information Security Staff Awareness

We will also be producing an ATP Directory and will provide referrals to businesses who require training assistance following their rating assessment. This means we only promote quality and certified service providers that will assist businesses in their cyber readiness and management. On approval, certified logos (as shown below) will be issued which can be put on a provider's website or relevant marketing materials. Official badges will also include a unique ATP number to validate that provider's credentials.


To receive an application to become an Accredited Training Partner, please email us at

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